2019 Luigi Poker Power Rankings

Below are all of our competitors ranked from lowest score to highest based on their placements in Luigi Poker tournaments in 2019 14th The Silent Fart - 1 The Silent Fart participated in Full House Luigi Poker, where he placed 5th. He gained a win over Ethan, but suffered devastating defeats against Kini and John Willard. Gay Andrew - 1 Gay Andrew participated only in the Conductor's Annual Challenge, where he placed 9th. His results may be blamed on the ruleset used at the tournament, but we will not talk of that. His only loss was against Ethan. 12th Bredwin   - 2 Bredwin participated in one tournament where he suffered two very close losses. He nearly defeated KappASA and proceeded to nearly defeat Kini at Funny Men #1. However, his only placement was quite low. $wag - 2 $wag placed 8th at Conductor's Annual Challenge, suffering a defeat against Benjamos. Had $wag attended more tournaments, he likely would have placed much higher. Logan - 2 Logan's situa

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