2019 Luigi Poker Power Rankings

Below are all of our competitors ranked from lowest score to highest based on their placements in Luigi Poker tournaments in 2019

The Silent Fart - 1
The Silent Fart participated in Full House Luigi Poker, where he placed 5th. He gained a win over Ethan, but suffered devastating defeats against Kini and John Willard.

Gay Andrew - 1
Gay Andrew participated only in the Conductor's Annual Challenge, where he placed 9th. His results may be blamed on the ruleset used at the tournament, but we will not talk of that. His only loss was against Ethan.

Bredwin - 2
Bredwin participated in one tournament where he suffered two very close losses. He nearly defeated KappASA and proceeded to nearly defeat Kini at Funny Men #1. However, his only placement was quite low.

$wag - 2
$wag placed 8th at Conductor's Annual Challenge, suffering a defeat against Benjamos. Had $wag attended more tournaments, he likely would have placed much higher.

Logan - 2
Logan's situation was very similar to that of $wag, where his only source of points were from Conductor's Annual Challenge, where his run was cut quite short after losing to Ethan.

John Willard - 2
John Willard's only tournament presence was in Full House, where his run was decent. With a win against The Silent Fart, his tournament life was cut short after a loss to Snowy.

Snowy - 5
Snowy's run at Full House was impressive, with a 3rd place finish overall and being the first player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for drawing 5 of a kind. His run was cut short by KappASA, who eliminated him.

Ethan - 13
Ethan's season was quite successful, with three tournaments under his belt. However, his lower than 2nd placement at each did bring him down quite a bit.

Zaid - 25
Zaid's 3rd place finish at his only tournament is what got him this high. (there isn't much to write about most players)

ChingChongDeezNutz420 - 32
ChingChongDeezNutz420 attended many tournaments, including Funny Men 1, Annual Challenge, and Funny Men 3. His mostly solid placings have lead to his high placement in the LPPR.

KappASA - 35
KappASA has played at nearly every tournament and gotten some great results from them. With a 1st at Full House, 2nd at Funny Men 1, and 3rd at Funny Men 2, KappASA has had some serious influence over the meta of Luigi Poker

Kini - 37
Kini has gone to every tournament, with mostly impressive results. Most impressive are his 1st at Funny Men 2 and 2nd at Full House.

(The Annual Challengers)

Hugh - 50
Hugh's run at The Annual Challenge was very impressive. With wins against ChingChongDeezNutz420 and Ethan and only one loss, his placement is nothing short of "impressive."

Benjamos - 100
Benjamos has placed 1st on the Luigi Poker Power Rankings. Quite the feat for someone who has only attended one tournament. Regardless, Benjamos has held an undefeated record for the entire 2019 Season.


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